Live Mice Trap Private Brand Live Mice Trap OEM

Live Mice Trap Private Brand Live Mice Trap OEM

Hello, The Internet I'm Gav.

Thank you for joining me
in this big empty void.

This video is sponsored by Google One.

Google One is a subscription from Google

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Google Photos, and Gmail.

So in order for Google One
to help us make this video,

I'm actually going to be
having someone else edit it.

And I'm going to upload all of the footage

from right here in the studio
using a little 5G bay station.

And that means while I'm
sweeping up at the end,

hopefully my editor is
already well on the way

to downloading the footage.

Here's a little bit of me
uploading yesterday's time lapses.

Behind me on the floor,

you may have noticed
that someone has come out

and set about a thousand mouse traps.

Unfortunately, that someone was me.

Took me about seven hours
yesterday. Had some close calls.

What I'm going to do is put
powder paint on each mouse trap,

trying very carefully not to set them off.

Different rows of colors,
so that when I set one off

we should get a glorious chain reaction

of mousetraps hurtling up into the air,

kicking paint all over the
place for a lovely slow-mo shot.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that

we don't really like to
waste stuff on this channel,

these mousetraps are old.

They were used in the trampoline video.

Because of that, they've
been sat in a bucket

for about three years.

Some of them seem to be one use.

Some sort of don't really function.

And some have rusted
beyond all recognition.

So I'm just very nervous, to be honest.

I'm just going to continue now,

finish setting them
up, and just get to it.

I cannot describe how
nerve-wracking this is.

I feel like the further
into this that I get,

the shakier and more mistakes I'm making.

I've only got what, like
12 more to place here

and I'm going to stop,
but it is nerve-wracking.

So as I mentioned in the intro,

some of them, the spring has snapped.

Some of them, the arm is bent.

Some of them, the wood
shattered on the first use.

One of them was burned. I'm
not sure how that happened.

Another trick I've learned is

to face away from the completed area,

because sometimes when you
are bending it back to set it,

it will just shoot out of
your hands, straight forwards.

It's not what you want.

I believe I have now set more
mousetraps than most humans.

Only those in pest control can
give me a run for my money,

I think.

I also might be up there in
most mousetraps purchased

with absolutely no intention
of trapping a mouse.

It's much harder than
doing it on the trampoline

because on the trampoline,

we didn't have to worry about proximity.

They didn't actually have to be touching

because we knew that the
bounce of the trampoline

would set them all off.

This one, they'll only get
set off if one lands on them.

So we're really just hoping for...

That is the eighth time
I've snapped my finger.

All right, let's do one
more, and then we're done.

Okay. That's all I'm doing.

Let's call it a thousand. It
probably isn't a thousand.

It might be way less than that.

I know I bought a thousand and
most of them have been used.

Let's call it 900.

Okay, before I put all the color on,

I'm just going to do a quick test

to see if it can indeed handle
a little splodge of color.

Okay. It seems as though we
can be quite violent with it.

I won't be, but that's good to know.

I am shaking like a leaf.

Interestingly, I didn't have
to buy anything for this video.

It was all stuff I already had left over

from various videos throughout the years.

So if it doesn't work,

we've only wasted money on
all the lights in the studio.

Now would be a very inconvenient
time for an earthquake.

But it is 2020.

Okay. The bag ripped,
almost dropped a full bag

on the side of the mouse traps humane rebranded ( traps there.

Also paying close attention
to my lab coat flaps.

Funnily enough, I spend most of my time

not wearing a lab coat,
so I do have to be aware.


Now I'm going to attempt
here, on the smaller pieces,

just to push them up into position.

Number nine.

I haven't actually thought about

how I'm going to trigger them yet.

I think I'm just going to
chuck a couple of mouse traps

on the back rows and
hope that that's enough.

Feel like there'll be a lot of people

wanting just to skip to
the slow-mo on this one.

But for those of you stuck with me,

keeping me company on this
little journey, I appreciate you.

Oh, here we go.

Okay. This is it.

Yeah, I'm just going to
grab a handful of mousetraps

and chuck them on the back.


Here we go.

Gonna run around there, hit the button.



Absolutely terrifying.

I hope I didn't run in
front of one of the cameras.

I don't know, I don't know
what I was doing there.

The aftermath.

Seems like most of them went off.

There's a little section here that didn't.

Most of them, I think,
did. I can't believe it.

I think I'm going to
struggle to do the outro

without a stupid grin
on my face after that.

I'm just so relieved it worked.

There was so much time and effort

riding on that going right.

Like if it partially went off,

or I had to sort of re,
oh, I can't even imagine.

I'm so, I'm so relieved.

Hopefully, you enjoyed that footage,

especially if you're able to watch it

on a 4K TV or something like that.

I'm very excited to get
it back to a bigger screen

and give it a look myself.

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There's a link in the description below.

Thank you very much for sticking
with me through that video.

That was quite the process,

but hopefully you like the footage.

Make sure you subscribe and
I'll see you in the next video.

Time to get cleaning.

Oh dear.

Where do you, where do you even start

with something like this?


Forgot about them.

I think less went off than I thought.

Big thanks to Google One
for sponsoring this video.